Beginner's Meditation Kit

Download a Free Beginner's Meditation Kit from Tara Brach

As a special offering I’ve put together this free kit to help you begin a meditation practice. Meditation will help you learn to focus, quiet your mind and gain a genuine sense of well-being and ease. Meditation is particularly helpful when you are stressed and dealing with difficult emotions like anger or fear.  

The free kit includes:

  • My How to Meditate FAQ Guide. It has 13 pages of answers to the most regularly asked and important questions I receive about meditation.
  • 2 Audio meditations - Breath Meditation (10:45) and Mindfulness (Vipassana) Meditation (10:16)
  • A 2-part audio talk titled “The Basic Elements of Meditation Practice”  
  • Instructions with follow-up reminders and resources to help you on your path.

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